Spiritual entrepreneur brings worldly retail to Las Vegas Valley

Vladi Bergman owns Karma and Luck, which has 13 locations in the Las Vegas Valley.

Karma and Luck

• Address: 1945 E. Russell Road, Suite 208, Las Vegas

• Phone: 855-702-1438

• Email: [email protected]

• Website:

• Hours of operation: 9 a.m.–10 p.m. daily

• Owned/operated by: Vladi Bergman

• In business since: 2015

Vladi Bergman, the founder and CEO of Karma and Luck, was born in Ukraine and grew up in Israel. His passion is to travel the world. “I consider it a blessing to be exposed to all forms of religion and spiritual beliefs,” he said. Thus, he created Karma and Luck to be a spiritual world in retail that celebrates all cultures.

Describe your business.

Karma and Luck is a retail experience that celebrates the world and cultural diversity through spiritual jewelry and home décor. Using 100 percent gem-stones, crystals and natural stones, Karma and Luck embraces humanity with spiritual symbols and mystical décor hand-selected from remote areas of the Far East and Middle East.

The message of uniting cultures has been our truism from our first day. Karma and Luck has 13 locations within the Las Vegas resort corridor along the Strip, with our newest store having opened at Fashion Show mall.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are men and women who are spiritual in nature and believe in manifesting dreams, desires and setting intentions. Our customers are diverse in religion and beliefs, but share a common bond through human connection and have a love for learning about different cultures and places. Our customers appreciate beautiful jewelry and home décor that brings calmness and peace to their inner being. They are looking for something different than a traditional retail store. Our customers desire worldly experience and find inner peace through our Chakra gifts, home décor, yoga mats and spiritual blessings wall décor that feature Om, Evil Eye, Hamsa and more. They enjoy the art of Feng Shui, meditation, yoga, and find a sense of wholeness through the merchandise that creates a significant change in mind, body and spirit.

What products and collections are your most popular?

We built the store to resemble an ancient temple with retail divided by cultures and collections. A central focal point at our Fashion Show location is our colossal Buddha statue, hand-crafted in wood from Bali. We have walls filled with our Trees of Life, made from raw and natural crystal and gemstones; and bells direct from Thailand. We recently debuted our new Yoga mat collection featuring iconic symbols from various cultures.

Some of our most popular collections for both men and women, and perfect for this holiday season, include: Bali Collection and Bali Wraps; Uniting Cultures; Red String Collection; Koh Collection; Nepal Collection; Men’s Zodiac Collection; Hematite Collection; Feng Shui Home Décor ‘Tree of Life’ collection in multiple sizes, and our new yoga mat series; Buddha and Celadon Ceramic home statues. We also have specialty home décor items such as Turkish chandeliers, table lamps, and quartz singing bowls from Tibet.

Do you see any expansion in the future?

We are diligently in the planning stage but for right now, our eCommerce site is available for worldwide purchases. We are manifesting our own intention — to be the Nike of the spiritual world.

What is the best part about doing business in Las Vegas?

People come to Las Vegas from around the world to celebrate. The feedback we get from visitors of other countries has been tremendous.

They have shared with us great points about our brand, and have also guided us to a better understanding from their personal areas of belief.

What obstacles has the business overcome?

Our challenge was to create a brand and concept that has never been done before. We started from a blank slate, and created our Karma and Luck format through hard work, faith and dedication.

What’s the best business advice you’ve received?

Work hard and stay incredibly focused. I am a man of action, and it is most important to continuously move on your vision with action-based results every day. The most vital point is to believe that you can make a change in this world.

Anything else you want to share?

Creating a world of blessings and intention does not stop at our store. It is our honor that each piece of jewelry or home décor purchased at Karma and Luck goes through a very spiritual cleansing blessing from our staff members. We create a ritual cleansing in our specialty Tibet singing bowls that charges the gemstones and crystals with vitality and energy, and also creates a healing element to all purchases. Our stores are blessed each morning with a sage ritual and cleansed for our customers to begin their personal journey as they walk into the doors of Karma and Luck.