With millennials in mind, Aruze rolls out digital craps table (but the dice are real)

A player throws the dice on an electronic Roll to Win Craps table in the Aruze Gaming booth at the Global Gaming Expo at the Sands Expo Center Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018.

A Las Vegas gaming company hopes a new version of craps that combines a digital layout with a dealer and real dice will make the traditional casino game less intimidating and appeal to millennials and others who might pass by a felt-covered table.

Aruze Gaming’s Roll to Win Craps has been a popular attraction during the Global Gaming Expo this week at the Sands Expo Center.

Players place their bets digitally and roll the dice on a vibrant LED tabletop, with a live dealer monitoring all the action. Payouts are the same as on a regular table.

“Some players would never walk up to the regular craps table because they feel uncomfortable with those who know how to play the game,” said Brandon Knowles, executive director of table games for Aruze. “This changes that.”

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The digital aspect also speeds up the game, as the dealer doesn’t have to collect and distribute chips, and the chance of incorrect payouts is eliminated. When players place a bet, it appears to shoot out from their spot at the table, which lights up with flames when they get on a hot roll.

“It creates an environment that is a little different from the usual craps table,” Knowles said. “It increases the community effect.”

Caesars Entertainment is already interested in testing the table in a live casino setting.

Kerry Whitney, vice president of table games for Caesars, said the company plans to put a table at the Linq next year, in an area that features other high-tech games it is considering rolling out at other properties.

Whitney said he doesn’t see digital table games taking over casino floors, rather offering an alternative for guests who might shy away from the tables altogether.

“I think we have a very good opportunity to grow our (table games) business,” Whitney said. “The one game that keeps growing year over year is craps. It’s a communal game where people can root for one another. When you walk through a casino and you hear the loudest screams, they’re at the craps table.”

“I think the millennial type of customer will gravitate toward that excitement,” he said.