Women Inspiring Nevada: Jacqueline Gravatt, Chief of Police, North Las Vegas Police Department


Jacqueline Gravatt (Brian Ramos/ Staff)

Thu, Apr 27, 2023 (2 a.m.)

Chief of Police Jacqueline Gravatt represents and serves North Las Vegas, Nevada’s largest minority-majority municipality. As the first Black woman to serve as police chief of the North Las Vegas Police Department, she is committed to proactively recruiting and employing a diverse team.

“My goal for the future is for residents to see police officers who they feel represent them, out in the community every day, building connections,” Gravatt said. “When the public believes their police department represents them, understands them, and responds to them, it deepens trust in law enforcement and instills public confidence in their local government.”

As a woman in law enforcement, Gravatt had to learn to play to her strengths early on. The police department is often perceived as a place where physical strength and masculinity are keys to success. When Gravatt joined the North Las Vegas Police Department in 2001, she nearly quit during training; however, she discovered that her strengths were her communication, people skills and desire to help others.

Since then, Gravatt has become an excellent leader on the force. She helps cultivate people’s individual strengths while also promoting a culture of collaboration. Gravatt has implemented leadership training and expanded community policing and citizen engagement initiatives. In the past 10 years, the crime rate in North Las Vegas has decreased by 35%. She was also invited to attend the FBI National Academy in 2018.

Gravatt’s advice to young women entering the workforce is to seek growth. She encourages them to do this by taking risks, stepping out of their comfort zones and finding mentors who can help identify and build upon their strengths.

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