Will Strip shootout and crash hurt Las Vegas tourism?

Las Vegas tourism officials say this morning’s shootout and car crash on the Strip shouldn’t discourage people from coming to the city.

But it's too early to determine what effect the violence will have on tourism.

Representatives of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority issued a statement late this morning saying the agency is helping Metro gather information and investigate the incident that killed three people and left at least six injured.

“The LVCVA, resort partners and law enforcement work closely to maintain a safe and secure experience for our visitors and residents,” the LVCVA said. “Recent incidents, while unfortunate, were isolated events. Las Vegas is among the safest travel destinations in the world and utilizes the most advanced technology and training to maintain a secure environment.”

Vince Alberta, vice president of public affairs for the LVCVA, said tourism officials react to crises on a case-by-case basis to figure out the best strategy to respond to incidents that could hurt tourism and.

“You have a blueprint, and then you adapt and adjust based on each individual case,” Alberta said.

In past events, such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the LVCVA suspended advertising for a few days, then built a campaign reacting to the events.

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  1. Every incidence of violence matters in some regard. However, comparing the worldwide, far-reaching implications of 9/11 to an isolated incident isn't appropriate. How about comparing this to the killing of Tupac Shakur on the Strip, and reporting whether or not that had any impact on tourism?

  2. I am discouraged of going to LV after this.

  3. It won't discourage me from visiting Las Vegas. Heck! There's crime and car crashes in my town which has been deemed one of the safest small cities in the country. Did 9/11 stop people from flying or visiting NYC? No. I was in Dallas, TX Union station in 1993 when there was a potential shooting situation that didn't happen but it ended with only the man with the gun ending up dead. But it didn't keep me from riding trains. You can't stop all crime, it's going to happen wherever and whenever, so hopefully nobody gets deterred from visiting Las Vegas. BTW, I know a couple of people vacationing there right now, who were fortunately in their hotel room nearby sleeping away when this latest incident happened.

  4. There are simply too many 'isolated incidents'.

  5. Interesting. On the same day of the incident people aren't concerned with the deaths or any innocent people injured or how to prevent this sort of thing from reoccurring, but are solely distressed over their pocket books. I suppose if this shooting had happened just one block to the east it may not have made it to the front page.

  6. this is not going to affect the average tourist decision to visit las vegas. first of all the average tourist will not even be fully aware of this, most of them will pay little attention to story...sure the hardcore vegas loving tourist who read vegas blogs and vegas newspapers everyday will obsess over it for a week or so, then decide they are such vegas experts that this would never happen to them...the reality is the vegas lovers will not let an isolated incident like this keep them away...vegas is what it is, and its what ever you want it to be...the real victims here are the cab driver and the passenger, as tragic as this is, the odds of this happening again are remote and those are odds that vegas lovers will be willing to take...vegas will always have an element of danger to it...but the magic and allure will always win out...sure a few people may change their plans to visit vegas, maybe...but out of 40 million visitors their absence will not even be a speck to be reckoned with...

  7. I know its been front and center...but we all have the right to have an opinion, and I don't think this is going to make one bit of difference...seeing it on tv and making the decision to not to visit las vegas because of it are two different things...the article title ask if we think this will make a difference...I don't...if the total visitors for 2013 is greatly less than 2012 then I guess all the news coverage of the great shootout on the strip in feb. will have had an impact, and I guess I will be wrong...however I think the cost of airfare will have a bigger impact either positive or negative...whats that they say, any press is good press..i guess we will find out jimmi k !

  8. It probably won't affect tourism much but these types of events impeded our ability to diversify our economy. Most business people have families. High violent crime and poor health care and education reduce the chances of getting the best and brightest. We need these folks to grow and strengthen the Nevada economy.